I bring characters to life with computer brains.



Hello people!

                I am a Research Scientist at Meta Reality Labs, working on generating realistic body movements for virtual avatars using neural networks. Before that, I worked at Electronic Arts and interned twice at Adobe Research.

                I received a Ph.D. in Animation from the University of Edinburgh and a Dr. rer. nat. in Robotics from the University of Hamburg, where I also completed my M.Sc. and B.Sc. in Informatics.

                I am passionate about state-of-the-art technology in games, films and animation, and constantly focus on advancing research in computer graphics using artificial intelligence.

                Animal feeds including raccoons, possums and squirrels are the best thing about Instagram.


Neural Character Controllers, Motion Matching, Motion Alignment, Style Transfer, Pose Estimation, Inverse Kinematics

Artificial Intelligence

Mixture-of-Experts, Generative Models, Self-Supervised and Meta Learning, Evolutionary and Swarm Optimization

Game Development

Unity, Code Architecture Design, Procedural Asset Generation, Animation Systems


C#, C++, Python, LaTeX